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Home Waterbirth – Unexpeted Unassisted

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Homebirth Unassisted


Home Waterbirth

of Kassius Slade De Giovanni Wolfe


Water Homebirth
My water broke at 9am Friday morning, I was having irregular contractions that frequently puttered out for hours at a time but it was obvious I was in early labor.Homebirth Water Birth

I did a lot of things to try to get them to pick up, walked, jogged, bounced on my ball, went up and down countless flights of stairs, crawled all over the house with my toddlers, and rested in between. Nothing seemed to help make the contractions more consistent.

Sunday evening I went horseback riding with my family and came home and took a hot shower. My contractions picked up and became even and more intense. My midwives arrived around 11 pm and I honestly believe they didn’t think I was in labor.

I was in a fantastic mood and breathing through the slightly uncomfortable feeling with ease.

They got a call around 3:30 am that another mom was having contractions more frequently than I was (every 3 minutes compared to my every 4) and left to be with her. After they left I laid down to try to rest between waves, I didn’t get much rest but laying in bed on my side with pillows between my legs was comfortable so I laid there a few hours.

Monday around 11am I decided to take a hot bath because my hips were pretty sore (posterior baby and back labor) and my contractions picked up in duration and intensity. I told my midwife and she said she would send her back up. At Water Homebirtharound 1:25 pm I hit transition and got sick to my stomach, puked and then it was like I got in the zone.

At that point I text my midwife telling her I hoped her backup drove fast even though I knew she wouldn’t make it. I went to the pool and I just let my body do what it needed to. I breathed through the intensity of the waves and someone decided to call my midwife. I knew the backup wouldn’t make it in time but I was not worried,

I kept telling myself that my body was made for this and that my baby was finally coming.

I didn’t push at all, I just let my body take over, FER is incredible. I was never in any pain at all, just very uncomfortable during transition until I puked.

My sweet boy made his appearance at 1:44pm and weighed 10lbs and 22 inches long at exactly 41 weeks.

I caught him myself and when my support team freaked out because his cord wasWater Birth around his neck, I stayed calm and reassured them that he was okay.

It took him a few minutes before he could take regular breaths but I could feel his heart beating and I just knew somehow that he was okay. The midwife showed up about an hour later and helped me finish delivering the placenta, I think I was just too tired to push the last bit out.

He is almost 5 months the now and is absolutely perfect in every way! ♡Unassisted Home BirthHomebirthHomebirth unassisted