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Wet Nursing-Exclusively nursing twins Plus one

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One, two, three how many babies do you see!!

Four kids plus Twins plus Wet Nursing = Delightfully BUSY!

So I just wanted to write a quick post here to let everyone know that my writing may slow down some, as you may have already noticed.

Our lives have been blessed with the opportunity to care for and wet-nurse my nephew who is 4 months old (at the time of this post), 3 months younger than my twins. Since I am already exclusively nursing my twins, I figured one more couldn’t hurt! 🙂

Upon writing this post, I was surprised to discover that we have been at this for a month already.. time has flown by!

For those of you who do not know what “wet nursing” is, it is a woman, such as myself, who breast feeds and cares for another’s baby. It use to be very common place in history. Though, still used nowadays it’s much less heard of.

Our fist weeks

It’s been a bit of a challenge… I’m not going to lie. My twins are 7 months old and have just started solids so in that sense it’s really perfect timing as my nephew of course is nursing full-time!

Your probably wondering if my body is capable nursing 3 babies full-time. I’m very pleased to say that though there have been times I was a little concerned (due to very floppy boobs.. ha!), it was not necessary to worry as my body has kept up with the demand flawlessly (floppy boobs and all!!)!

We’ve really settled into a nice new “normal” for our family over this past week. And though I can not get any “extras” done around the house, we are managing the essentials, which has included asking my housekeeper to come a second time during the week!

Babies cuddles!! When all three need to be near!

I’d say night-time has been our biggest challenge so far.

We co-sleep, [as did my brother] so all these beauties want to be snuggled up to me and nurse often. My twins are used to sleeping right up against me, one on each side, so when I move to comfort and nurse my nephew, the other two start to wake in search of me! However, the last couple nights I’ve noticed a settling happening and everyone is waking far less!

Generally I have laid them so I could essentially “leap-frog” to whomever needs me. The tricky part comes when the two furthest babies wake at the same time.. that point it’s a quick grab and re-position at a different end of the king bed we share and nurse both! When all three awake it’s a little more of a juggling act but it usually results in laying one on my chest so we can all cuddle at the same time!❤

My leapfrog placement! I just bounce in between babies as they awake!

During the day

Twingo for babies who want to be held plus nursing a hungry little man!

it’s a hustle comforting and meeting the needs of each baby as they arise. I have a minimal crying policy in this house. I do not believe baby’s should be left to cry at all, if possible. There is very little time where I’m not holding a baby. Often I will have a baby or two strapped onto me in the Twingo…Or I will throw on my beloved ring sling so I can nurse while I prepare lunch or clean off the counters or help my other children with things.

A lot of nights I’ve head to bed with the babies at about 630 [except tonight.. it’s currently 8:30!! Oooo I feel like a rebel! Ha!]. Usually passing my awesome, supportive hubby as he walks in the door from work with a quick kiss and a “hey”; he takes over the duties of downstairs, dishing out food and attending the older kids.


Our older children

In my much-loved ring sling.. I was making dinner with this one!

My older 4 are such a help!! Thanks to our wonderful life of Unschooling, our children are very capable, willing and simply fantastic. Helping as young as age three, to my oldest of ten, I find their help in any form very valuable!

My beautiful daughter age 10.. she has the touch! 🙂

Whether it’s bringing me a baby to nurse or re-positioning a baby , offering new toys, cuddling a baby while watching a show, changing diapers (though not the stinky ones) or giving baths, or just jumping up and down to distract and make babies laugh while I finish with whatever I was doing; it all contributes to our days going more smoothly! And the best part is that they all “want” to help and usually they are up and attending the baby in need even before I ask!!  So thankful for this dynamic!

I will keep you all updated as I can. I love pictures so it was hard to keep them at a minimum.. more to come!!

My handsome warrior 8 year old
My determined 3 year old

 Tell me about your Wet Nursing experience!

My in-tune 7 year old