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Connection through tone… quick read reminder

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GAWD… must I really do the high pitch baby voice??!!

We all do it.

You know the voice. The voice that inevitably comes out of our mouth when we talk to a cute, chubby little baby!! Its like something takes over our vocal cords and we just can not help ourselves.

During my “breaking free” from traditional parenting and focusing more on connection; I discovered that if I raised my voice an octave higher, my kids would respond worlds better!

Well, spring has sprung and it seems to turn our whole family into irritable sh*ts! Spring fever maybe… I’m not sure.. but it happens every year!

So as this takes place I find our family gets back into the old habits of responding to one another in less and less kind and respectful ways. Instead, all of our inner Darth Vador voices have taken over.

Id love to tell you that I clued into the happenings of our family fairly quickly and took the proper course of action.. but I didn’t.. In fact I came by the answer rather by accident!

I was talking with one of my twins in the high baby voice, when my almost 4-year-old came up and asked me a question. I stayed in the “baby talk tone” (rather by accident) and responded to his question.

His question was a little agitated in tone, but my response to him softened his demeanor instantly…


The light bulb came on… “oh yaaah, I forgot about this little nugget”..

And it has not just effected my younger child but also that of ALL my kids.. days have been far better.. though I will admit to silently screaming within myself at times.. but doing this simple thing and taking even just 5 or 10 min of connection with each child has made a big impact on our day-to-day lives once again.

No it’s not a fix all, but its a start.

That’s the quick reminder for this week! We all need them from time to time! If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a whirl and let me know if it makes an impact on your family!