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Coffee … some days (well, most days), Coffee feels like my survival in a cup!

I literally go to bed thinking about my fresh ground, rich smelling beans awaiting me the next morning! Its pure feel good, drag my mommy butt outa bed intensive! Coffee, I love you!!


It’s almost like my forbidden fruit, my forbidden pleasure, if you would! Specifically on those days that I rationalize within myself that the third cup I am pouring doesn’t count due to lack of sleep! However, I certainly have been thinking twice about that third cup lately. Especially after experiencing my poor beautiful twin babies suckling calmly at the breast one moment, then the next moment get this crazy ass wild look in their eyes and literally run a marathon on their backs for the next half an hour! Ooops!

Today I’ve only had two cups (so far) but I’ve been up since 4 am with my younger three…

Hi my name is zombie mom and today is a three cup kinda day!

How is your morning going so far?