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You don’t need to eat it just because its on your plate!

Whats with the name?? Well, when I think of my life, I think of it as coffee! Though this analogy is greatly over simplified, life (and coffee) can be invigorating, stimulating, full of rich, deep loveliness and tones, and can be very satisfying!! On the other hand, coffee can also give you heartburn, a headache, flare up anxiety,  and cause many other unsettling issues.

Courtesy of Samuel

Mud Pies are social beliefs that have been served up with our coffee on a consistent basis. I call this the “dirt” of social norms! Masquerading as something good and right and normal (insert eye roll).  We are force fed these mud pies of normality. Conformity then rears its ugly head in order to fit in! Forcing ourselves to digest the dirt that is put in front of us and go against our very nature. Needless to say this leaves room for a whole lot of internal damage and pain! At least I know it did for me.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick of eating what’s been put in front of me and expected to not question it.

Who am I?

Well honestly, I’m just starting to figure that out as I slowly break free from eating the masquerading mud pies. So far, some of the attributes I have discovered include being a passionate out of the box thinker (pretty evident Id say)! I also love to be challenged in my thinking, realizing that things aren’t as they seem. I embrace difficult situations, realizing that there are gems and valuable treasures found within the flung dirt! Though, at times, I’m just so tired I would rather pretend the dirt piles aren’t there at all! But for the sake of giving myself and that of my 6 amazing children internal freedom, I press on… with coffee in hand!!

My children have taught me so much, challenged me to the core and brought me undeniable joy.  I hope to instill in them a desire to forge their own paths and not just follow the widely accepted life cycle: live to work, to accumulate stuff, following trends and “mud pie” norms, to then raise their children to do the same… wash, rinse, repeat.

 Be empowered to find our own cup of satisfying coffee! No matter the unique personal twist that is your own; in spite of a world full of dressed up mud pies that have been forced on our plates.

Again, you do not need to eat it just because it’s there!!